Dealing with rental agencies

Dealing with rental agencies

Housing expert Mike Russell quotes, “If you’re renting an apartment for the first time in Amsterdam, then go with an agency – there is less chance of falling down a big, black, expensive hole. A decent agency should have knowledge of the market, the city, price and quality, be able to interact with landlords to negotiate a good deal, and draw up an adequate rental agreement.”

Amsterdam consists of a regulated market with a range of possibilities for housing. The Dutch point-system is quite complex, but the idea is that it determines who is eligible to rent which properties. A rental agent should be able to explain whether you qualify for certain apartments and give you an overview of the current state of the housing market in Amsterdam. It is very important to find a decent agency in order to avoid the growing market of illegal apartments  in Amsterdam.


If you decide to look for assistance during your search for an apartment in Amsterdam, you will face two different options. You could opt for either a professional rental agency or a real-estate company that does rental apartments as an additional service. We would recommend always going for the former. A specialized rental agency will be more knowledgeable and experienced regarding the rental market, if they specialize in working with expats, this is an added bonus. Besides this, it is advisable to check the number of apartments the rental agency has in their portfolio, a reliable housing agency should have at least 50 properties in their portfolio. Once you have chosen a rental agency, make sure you clearly understand their fees and what exactly it is you are paying for.

In short, most points are common sense. It is entirely up to you to decide how and with who you want to go apartment hunting in Amsterdam!