Apartments in Amsterdam Guide

Finding an apartment in Amsterdam may not be as easy as it seems. The Amsterdam housing market is highly regulated and the government is very protective of lower-income households. 

From subsidized housing to the liberalized segment of the housing market, Amsterdam offers housing opportunities for everyone, including expats.

Expatriates moving to Amsterdam should understand the basic terms and conditions regarding renting an apartment in Amsterdam. It is important that expats get a feel for the housing market before jumping the gun. Some insight into the house pricing systemDutch point system and other concepts are crucial in order to prepare for the apartment-search in Amsterdam.

Neighbourhoods guide

Amsterdam is divided into 7 districts in total, and each has its own distinctive characteristics and a unique atmosphere. It is advisable to get a feel for the different neighbourhoods and see which area would be the best fit. Read our neighbourhoods guide to find out which area would suit you best.

Hints and Tips

The housing market in Amsterdam is quite similar to the London housing market, which also consists of subsidized housing and free-sector housing. This implies that the residents’ income is a key factor in allocated housing. The lower the income, the bigger the housing subsidy. On another note, please be mindful of the illegal housing market in Amsterdam. Unfortunately many apartments in Amsterdam are rented out illegally. Take a look at our tips to avoid illegal renting in Amsterdam.

Whether you are working with a housing agency or going solo, the housing competition can be tough. Be prepared to enter a fast paced market and make use of our rental tips for expats.