Amsterdam Apartment Rent Prices

Amsterdam housing market

Amsterdam is a dynamic and metropolitan city that provides a vibrant environment for expats. The accommodation costs in Amsterdam are considerably higher than other cities in the Netherlands. The housing costs per area are generally subject to its location. The further from the city centre, the lower the housing costs per square meter. A housing agency can be a great resort to help you find a house that closely matches your preferences.

The following table lists average prices for properties in Amsterdam. (All examples are furnished properties and exclude gas, water, electricity and a parking permit).

Type Size (m2) Size (sq Ft) From To

Studio (open kitchen)

A studio apartment is the cheapest option in Amsterdam for two people at most. You may pay up to €200 less on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

40-55m² 430-592ft² €800 €1150

One – bedroom apartment open/separate kitchen

A one-bedroom apartment equipped with a bedroom, a living room, and/or dining room with both an open/separate kitchen and a bathroom. The price depends on the location and additional features, such as a roof terrace or balcony.

55-75 m² 592-808 ft² €900 €1500

Larger  apartment open/separate kitchen

Similar features to one bedroom apartment, and often spread over two floors, with the living and kitchen area on a separate floor than the bedrooms and bathroom. The second bedroom is usually quite small in comparison to the main bedroom.


70-90 m²


808-969 ft²





Family apartment – Two or three bedrooms – open/separate kitchen – one/two bathrooms

Generally located in popular areas like city centre, Jordaan and Zuid. Most apartments are complete with garden, spacious balcony or terrace. Great option for expat families.

90-140 m² 968-1506 ft² €1800 €2800

Spacious House: Several bedrooms – one/two bathrooms

Generally located in suburbs like Watergraafsmeer or Amstelveen. Suitable for expat families.

120+ m² 1291+ ft² €1800 €3400


Houseboats allow for a great living experience, and are usually very charming. They offer an authentic city experience.

€1600 €2400