Dutch Points System

The housing sector is often a primary focus point for most countries, including the Netherlands. The government has worked hard over the years to develop the housing sector into what it is today, making it possible to accommodate everyone in The Netherlands.

The rental housing sector in the Netherlands is divided into two types: social housing sector and private sector or non – subsidised sector. About 75% of the total three million rental houses in the Netherlands are owned by housing associations. Regarding social housing, an individual who is entitled to social housing cannot earn more than €42.000 (in 2012). The maximum rent for social housing is €652,52 per month; whereas private sector housing is more expensive than the aforementioned figure. Thus, an expat would expect to rent an apartment above €1000 per month for a decent and legal apartment in the heart of Amsterdam.

House Rating Value System

In order to improve the quality of the housing sector and secure minimum housing standards for tenants, the government developed what is called the Dutch point system for housing, also referred to as the house rating value system. Properties are being awarded points, which are based on the general conditions, size, location, surrounding amenities and levels of comfort and luxury. The points are there to realize a rental price in accordance with the Dutch housing standards. Accordingly, properties with a base rent starting from € 652,52 or higher belong to the private sector.

The total points rewarded to one property will reflect the monthly rental price and determine who is eligible to rent the property. The regulations seem quite logical; the cheaper the rent, the more restrictions there are to determine who qualifies as a potential tenant.

For tenants, it is crucial to check if the housing agency or other representative is familiar with the point system. Not everyone is. They must be certain that the selected property complies with the point system and understand the housing matters from an expat perspective.