Expat Rental Tips

Tips for expats

Though it may not seem like it, registering with many agencies can result in a less satisfactory outcome. Research has shown that the probability of receiving a gratifying result can decrease due to the fact that rental agencies communicate; they will know within minutes that many agencies are involved. Agencies talk to each other and are unlikely to pursue a rental deal if too many others are involved. We advise you to select at most two rental agencies that can help you find an apartment that meets your requirements.

A decent rental agency in the Netherlands will take their time to work on your request, instead of presenting twenty apartments at once and assume that other agencies will close the deal faster. We are still human after all; too much of a good thing at once is not always a good thing.

Consequently, a person can encounter what is known as ‘viewing fatigue’; this can lead to a bad decision just to get away from the viewing frenzy. So please, don’t be hasty. A decent rental agency will take their time for their client, but you should be prepared to move quickly once you find an apartment that matches your preferences.

Other options

If the financial hurdle holds you back, you might try going solo in the property hunting world. Though you might hope so,  unfortunately the price of apartments is not any cheaper than going with a rental agency. Another option would be to post your request on the housing section of Dutch expat websites.

Despite the harsh housing competition in Amsterdam, you should respond promptly to every viewing, and if necessary take someone with you that has a good understanding of the apartment rental market. Make it clear that you are willing and able to pay the deposit and such; in addition to this, it is essential to check that you are able to register for Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA: Gemeentelijke BasisAdministratie Persoonsgegevens).