Illegal Renting

Under whichever circumstances, no agency should promote illegal apartments. The Amsterdam house value rating system regulates rental prices, and in the case of illegal aparmtnets it is especially smaller and inexpensive apartments which are often rented out without consideration of the law. If you cannot register at the apartment address, this should ring some major alarm bells. Though it may seem like a great deal at the start, there is a very high risk involved as you have no rights as a tenant because you do not officially reside in the property. Besides the high risk, breaking the law is never advisable.

Generally, most expats end up renting through the liberalized sector as there are fewer restrictions. The liberalized housing sector is not restricted by the local authorities and is controlled by the landlords. With respect to the Dutch point system regulations, landlords will determine their own rental price of the apartment. Some landlords will expect your employer to act as a guarantor. Be sure to communicate clearly with your HR manager regarding the housing issue, it is always advisable to issue the housing contract in English language too.