Amsterdam Apartments Guide

The city of Amsterdam has been facing a persistent housing shortage for years. The housing market can be a struggle, even for those who have lived in Amsterdam their whole lives. This can make it difficult for newcomers to settle down in Amsterdam, but we will help you out.

This housing shortage affects the whole of Amsterdam, including families. Over the years families have moved towards the borders of Amsterdam and found larger homes with gardens preferable. These are available in areas such as Amstelveen and Diemen.

The city of Amsterdam is constantly changing, and improving its housing policies. The Amsterdam housing policies aim to reduce the segregation and welcome the young and old, and make sure everybody has a right to an affordable home. Amsterdam city plans include up-scaling under developed neighbourhoods and improve the surrounding quality of housing and available amenities. The main focus points are on sustainability and maintaining a competitive economy. The objectives that were set for 2012 are outlined below:

  • 5,000 new homes built every year, including 1,500 social housing properties for young professionals, families, and marginal segments.
  • To guarantee enough affordable homes available for low-income households.
  • A sufficient amount of housing available for large families and people with special needs.
  • More privately owned housing. This is to be made possible through newly built houses and the sale of rented houses.
east amsterdam housing

Newly built residential area – Oostpoort Amsterdam